Bastrop has its fair share of mosquitos, especially in the summer months, so Mayor Henry Cotton arranged for city workers to participate in a mosquito control training course on Monday, August 6.

Mayor Cotton is aware of the dangers these pests present, so while attending the LA Municipal Association Conference, he met with the State Department of Health, Mosquito Control Division and asked Vector Disease Control International, an international mosquito contractor, about providing a Mosquito control training course for the city workers to show them methods of control and disease prevention.

“The Mayor Reached out to Chief Pilot Malcolm Williams and asked if we could come and teach city workers about integrated mosquito control,” said Regional Director Kris New.

Mayor Cotton believes mosquito control is important in trying to make the city safer, and he wants the city to learn more effective methods of controlling their spread.

“When you think about public safety you generally think about police and fire, but mosquito control is public safety also,” said Mayor Cotton.

The integrated mosquito management training took place at the old Mill Learning Center under the leadership of New, Williams, and City of Bastrop Zoning & Code Official Ashley D. Barfield and focused on preparedness and awareness for mosquitos. Topics included mosquito biology, spraying, larvaeciding, and disease testing. They also discussed laws and regulations. They were shown techniques for using mosquito spray trucks as well. The workers were taught more effective ways of testing for mosquitos and getting rid of them.

New noted that many cities focus on spraying for the mosquitos and leave it at that, but it takes more than that to keep things safe. Disease testing and prevention is also important, as well as spraying of larvaecide which is the killing of the larvae before they become adults.

The workers were able to ask questions and view demonstrations. Mayor Cotton was glad to welcome Vector and hopes the training will enable city workers to make Bastrop a safer and healthier place.