The local Patriot Guard brought a little more patriotism to the community when they replaced the old Courthouse flag Saturday, August 4.

The flag, flown at the courthouse for some time now, had become tattered and damaged due to the elements. The pole and other hardware were also in need of some work.

“I got a message a couple months ago about the flag being torn up pretty bad and they wanted to know what we could do about replacing it,” said Patriot Guard member Buck Harper.

The Patriot Guard repaired and replaced the hardware, and the Bastrop chamber of Commerce, when they heard of the project, donated the money to purchase a new flag. The Chamber is proud of how the Patriot Guard stepped forward and volunteered to do this work.

“It shows the spirit of the community,” said Chamber Director Dorothy Ford. “They saw a need and took it upon themselves to take care of it.”

They gathered Saturday to have a proper ceremony to take down the old flag and raise the new one. The Patriot Guard took down and folded up the old flag, which they planned to later properly dispose of. After this, the new flag was attached and slowly hoisted up. Cheers and applause could be heard as a slight breeze began to make the flag wave.

This is only the start of their project, however. They later plan to have a workday to pressure wash the bricks, clean the corroded monuments, polish the flag bases, and do other necessary repairs.

“We're gonna really make this thing spic and span,” said Harper.

The Chamber of Commerce and the community thank the Patriot Guards for their help and are glad to have citizens that are proud to stand in support of their community and country.