The local Post Office is staffed by many hard working people, and this week five of them celebrate having worked there thirty plus years.

Gerald Blazier, a clerk, has been there almost 48 years and fellow clerk Dawn Goodwin has been there 33. Mail carriers Bobby Speares and John Grimes have been working there for 33 and 30 years respectively. In honor of this accomplishment, the United States Postal Service presented each of them with a pin marking their years in service.

These men and women have served the community for many years now and been glad to have this opportunity.

“I've enjoyed it and have met a lot of good people and really nice customers,” said Blazier.

These employees have provided excellent service over the years and are much appreciated. They are valued highly by their co-workers.

“They have the experience and knowledge that it takes years to accumulate,” said Post Master Serrina Waters, who, though only having been with the Bastrop office a short time, is a 30 year veteran with the postal service as well.

Younger co-workers seem to have great respect for their work ethic and good character.

“Blazier is a delight to work with and treats me with the same respect as if I was his age, and John is a good fellow who treats us well,” said co-worker Ingrid Winston. “Mrs. Speares is a sweetheart and Mrs. Goodwin takes it upon herself to make sure everyone's package is sent out as securely as possible,' she said.

Customer service is very important to these workers and they make sure to treat every customer with respect and compassion.

“They have very beautiful personalities,” said Winston. “'The customer is going to get the best service from these guys,” she said.

The Bastrop Post Office is glad to have these upstanding individuals as employees and hopes they will continue to serve the community for many more years to come.