Morehouse recently welcomed David Gray as the new Superintendent of Schools, and in order for the community to get to know him better, CURE, headed by Chairman Chastity Kennedy-Lee, hosted a Superintendent Meet and Greet on Saturday, August 4, from 10:00 to 12:00.

Held at the Robinson-Williams Restoration of H.O.P.E. Community Center, the event included a talk by the superintendent and a chance for attendees to ask questions. Donuts and orange juice were also available for attendees.

The event started with a welcome by Kennedy and a prayer by School Board member Louis Melton. Mr. Gray then spoke at length about his experience and his goals for the school system.

One of the most important objects he wants to focus on is ending the cycle of poverty. He sees that it is a big problem in many places and wants to help students in this situation.

“It goes with you wherever you go and affects everyone in the family,” he said.

He wants to give students the best education and give them what they need to succeed.

“We want them to be able to go to college, or if they want to go straight into work, to get a good job and have the skills to do that job,” he said.

He has a number of ideas focused on bettering the education system here. He spoke about all teachers of a certain subject having a block of time to themselves on a particular day to go over what the students need to know and what teaching strategies are working or not working. He believes it is important for the faculty to work together.

“No one human being can change a school,” he said.

He also mentioned having a school leadership team made up of one teacher from each grade that the principal can meet with to discuss educational strategies and ideas. The team will also enable the faculty to have a way to voice their ideas and concerns.

“Other teachers can go to them and will feel like they have access and a voice,” said Gray.

After discussing his ideas attendees were able to ask questions. They asked about things such as the curriculum and adding career path programs such as agriculture and welding.

Those who came seemed interested in getting to know the superintendent better and knowing more about his ideas for the local educational system. Some felt he had touched on points they themselves were concerned about.

CURE and the community are glad to welcome Gray to Morehouse and hope to work with him to better the education and future of local students.