Currently at Bastrop High School, juniors and seniors have the option of enrolling in programs on the Delta Community College Campus, one of which is a nursing assistant certification, and this kind of course offering actually started on the BHS campus with the offering of a nursing course in 1973.

In August of 1973, BHS announced the addition of a nursing course to the curriculum with Mrs. Johnnie Lang as the instructor. The course included the first 540 hours of Licensed Practical Nursing program instruction as well as clinical training at Hickory Manor Nursing Home. Upon completing the course students were able to continue their education in the field or, if they chose not to, would be classified as Nurses Aides.

This program was the first in Louisiana and they hoped to start others like it elsewhere if it was successful. Twenty students took the course in the first semester.

BHS no longer offers this on campus course, but they do offer the opportunity to go to Delta for the Nursing Assistant Program, and many students wishing to go into the field choose to do this. The inclusion of technical programs such as this in High Schools is important in giving students a wider variety of career paths and this one all started with the exciting introduction of a first-of-its-kind program 47 years ago.