Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. is part of a nationwide network of health centers that serve more than 27 million Americans. Health centers have compiled a significant record of success that includes:

Producing $24 billion in annual health system savings;

Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and unnecessary visits to the emergency room;

Treating patients for a fraction of the average cost of one emergency room visit;

Maintaining patient satisfaction levels of nearly 100 percent;

Serving more than one in six Medicaid beneficiaries for less than two percent of the national Medicaid budget;

Lowering the cost of children’s primary care by approximately 35 percent

The heroes who work at health centers and help make affordable health care possible for people in need are at the center of this year’s NHCW. More than 205,000 people work at health centers in positions that include clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dentists and dental hygienists, behavioral health specialists, and much more. Working together, these health care heroes produce innovative solutions to the most pressing health care issues in their communities. They reach beyond the walls of conventional medicine to address the factors that may cause sickness, such as lack of nutrition, mental illness, homelessness and substance use disorders. It is their work that has helped reduce health care costs and reduce chronic disease, generating a record of success and along with it a long tradition of bipartisan support in Congress.

“Every day I witness the value of having a Community Health Center,” said Christy Merriweather, Community Liaison Coordinator for Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. “When people have a place to go for healthcare, they use it and stay healthier. We provide a range of services – primary cares services, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, even mental health services. Our patients not only get the care they need, but they are treated as individuals, with dignity and respect. This is what health care should be, and why we celebrate during National Health Center Week.” This year’s event is FREE to the public, any age may come and enjoy in celebrating National Community Health Centers week. We are looking forward to a good turnout and invite everyone to come join in the festivities, said Merriweather.

Morehouse Community Medical Centers, Inc. is marking National Health Center Week 2018 (NHCW) with a Community Block Party and Health Fair, Thursday, August 9th, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. located at 1604 West Madison Ave, Bastrop, LA (Father Pat Memorial Gymnasium, former MCIO Head Start). There will be food, games, health screenings, giveaways, Kona Ice and a host of vendors. This event will kick off the start of Community Health Centers weeklong campaign to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers as local solutions for affordable and accessible health care. It is our mission to provide access to affordable, quality health care to the people of Morehouse, Union and Ouachita parishes, along with other surrounding areas. MCMC will be offering a variety of free health screenings at our clinics during Community Health Center week beginning August 13th-17th. MCMC, Inc. For more information, contact MCMC at 318-283-8887.

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