Incumbent Morehouse Parish School Board Member District -7, Rose Thompson has announced her candidacy for re-election in the upcoming School Board election. In a prepared press announcement, Thompson released the following information regarding her platform.

She stated that representing her community has provided her with the opportunity to be a voice for the children and express the views of the families in her district. For many years she has advocated for citizens from all walks of life in this parish and surrounding areas. One of her passions has been to quietly help disadvantaged families by galvanizing private supporters to assist families with obtaining some of their basic needs such as food, school uniforms, clothes and school fees. She prefers privately helping families without embarrassing them or seeking glory for herself. She stated that as a mother, she understands the struggles that so many of the families are faced with on a daily basis.

“I offer my record as my platform for this election," Thompson said. "I have taken on the tough challenges by bringing to the forefront the concerns that my constituents have brought to my attention. These concerns are not always popular but in our democracy, it absolutely necessary that we have healthy dialogue in order to find solutions to the challenges that the school system is facing. I am willing to listen and work in the spirit of cooperation with fellow board members to find the best solutions because all children in this system matter.”

Thompson shared some of the many projects that she has supported as a board member, which include: initiated efforts for the support workers to get raises; assisted with organizing community pep rally for the students; voted for MCIO Head Start children to use Oak Hill School; supported school cookout day with her personal funds in the interest of raising personnel morale; supported football team activities; supported remodeling the boys’ locker room at Morehouse Junior High; supported keeping Delta High School open and so many other projects. She continued with saying that she would be more than happy to further discuss her voting record as well as why the school system had to make some of the financial decisions that had to be made.

“Behind every decision that I made and will continue to make will be with the children’s best interest in my heart," Thompson said. "I will continue to listen to my constituents and seek ways to make Morehouse Parish School System the best it can be.”

She and her husband, Robert, have been married for 46 years and they are the parents of four children, 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The youngest great-grandchild is enrolled at MCIO Head Start.

"I am asking for your vote in this election because we have work to do," Thompson said. "Thank you."