The Morehouse Parish Police Jury discussed the disposal of old furniture at the Shuttle Site at last week's monthly meeting.

Keep Morehouse Parish Beautiful President Vicki Carpenter said she does not think Morehouse Parish residents know that there is a place where they can dispose of their larger garbage items.

Board Member Norwood Harrison said he had been getting phone calls, and the garbage issue in the parish is a growing problem.

"If it is known that we do have a place for citizens to take their larger garbage items, we might have a cleaner parish," he said.

The Shuttle Site is currently only open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The only items not accepted at the Shuttle Site are tires and shingles. Everything else should be disposed of properly at the Shuttle Site.

Carpenter said that many people may be unable to go during those times due to work. She asked the jury if it would be possible to open the site up a couple of Saturdays a month so that more people would have the time to dispose of their trash properly.

"We don't want trash all over the parish," Board Member Mark Sistrunk said. "We want it to be where it belongs. We need to look into costs to see if we might be able to open up the Shuttle Site on some Saturdays in the future."

Police Jury President Terry Matthews made a motion to consider looking into costs associated with extending operating hours of the Shuttle Site, so that more residents would have time and access to it. The board approved.

Morehouse General Hospital CEO Derrick Frazier provided the police jury with an update on the hospital.

Frazier said the hospital was able to generate income for two years in a row. He said all debts had been paid, including pensions, and that the hospital was in good standing – even after spending $1 million to renovate the geriatric unit.

Sistrunk commended Frazier for the hospital's efforts and the creation of the HOPE Unit.

Morehouse Parish Economic Development Corporation President Kay King gave a monthly economic development report stating that she was working on getting the Industrial Development Board solidified. King also said she was impressed with Morehouse General Hospital's HOPE Unit.

King said according to the Department of Labor, Morehouse Parish has 1,925 jobs each month.

"We've got to keep this community alive and active," she said. "We need to work on the image of the parish because there's a lot of things to offer here."