The Bastrop City Council met Thursday to tackle yearly tasks, including appointing several individuals for city positions. However, the council did not agree on the appointment of city attorneys.

While the council was in agreement of the appointment for several city positions, they did not agree on the reappointment of city attorneys J. Rodney Pierre and Duncan Jones.

Alderman Robert Shaw said he was unsure about the hiring of the city attorneys and asked to table the appointment until the next meeting.

Mayor Henry Cotton said that if there was any dissatisfaction with the current attorneys, he wanted it to be discussed at the meeting.

"I'm asking the council to take this recommendation to hire city attorneys," Cotton said. "I don't believe in kicking cans down the road. I refuse to kick cans down the road for another administration."

When voted upon, the council could not get a unanimous vote to rehire city attorneys Pierre and Jones.

A motion was made to table it, however, Cotton said he would list both Pierre and Jones as his recommendations for reappointment every time.

"I'm going to put these two lawyers on the table every time," he said. "I made my decision clear. The three alderman that voted not to do this ... I don't know what you all are trying to achieve."

The council ultimately tabled the appointment of city attorneys until a future meeting.

Other appointments made at the meeting were the reappointment of Cindy Haynes as city auditor, the reappointment of Marvin Moore as Mayor Pro Tem, the appointment of Howard Loche as finance chairman, the reappointment of Sandra Goleman as city clerk, the reappointment of Amanda Hall as assistant city clerk and the reappointment of Sandra Goleman and Amanda Hall as sales tax commission members.