A Memorial is planned to honor Dr. Guthrie Jarrell, Jr.in Oak Grove – his birth place. The Town of Oak Grove donated a site for the Memorial Plaza which will be covered with engraved brick and a full-size statue of Dr. Jarrell. Memorial brick may be purchased by friends of Dr. Jarrell to help fund the Memorial. The thousands of northeast Louisianans that he delivered at birth can obtain a stork logo on their brick. The friends of Louisiana Tech can have a Louisiana Tech logo on their brick and friends of Poverty Point can have a logo of the Poverty Point World Heritage Site on their brick. Dr. Jarrell was a long time resident of Monroe.

For the children, he delivered – night and day – week days and weekends, never complaining of the tireless days he devoted. He was a staunch athletic supporter of Louisiana Tech, rarely missing his favorite team’s games, financially supporting many of the missions and participating in the planning and execution of the programs he helped to establish. He believed in the special heritage of Poverty Point and our thousands of years of history represented by the ancient mounds of Louisiana. He was proud of the mounds in Northeast Louisiana, served on the Ancient Mound Commission and was a spirited impassioned driver in the quest to offer this special site to the world. He worked with many talented people to make Poverty Point a World Heritage Site, but he never allowed the effort to stall. Few people have ever had this kind of impact on their home area as he. For this reason, many believe he should be remembered and revered as one man who made a world of difference in a small area of the world.

Many are supporting this mission. NELEA President and CEO Tana Trichel and Dr. Russ Greer are heading a team of individuals to see to the accomplishment of honor and remembrance of Dr. Robert Guthrie Jarrell, Jr.

The Memorial Plaza will be funded by the purchase of personalized bricks from the same company which supplies bricks for Louisiana Tech. A brick may be purchased by going to www.nelea.us and clicking on the tab for honoring Dr. Robert Guthrie Jarrell, Jr. The bricks start at $100 and $25 for the option to add a logo of Louisiana Tech, Poverty Point or a stork which would indicate having been delivered by Dr. Jarrell.