Morehouse Magnet hosted this years’ STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) enrichment camp as part of Morehouse Parish 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) programs. For two weeks teachers and paraprofessionals from Morehouse Parish Schools were selected to teach or aid classes from 2nd grade to 8th grade. Students from all Morehouse Parish Schools were offered the opportunity from February to April to sign up.

An average daily attendance of 116 students was a tremendous enrichment into the how’s and why’s of blending all areas together. Students engaged in hands-on activities that followed the theme “a-MAZE-ing Race.” In Mrs. McLeod’s 4th grade group, they explored Little Bits Code kits to build a foundation for coding and programming to create their own games. They also created homemade marble mazes using Popsicle sticks and boxes and made their own Brushbots from toothbrushes, batteries and a motor to have a Brushbot race. While Mrs. Hughes’ 2nd and 3rd grade group of students constructed their own maze in the hallway and used index cards to construct their maze. Material used to travel through each maze were marbles, golf ball and ping pong balls. Mrs. Reynolds, one of the STEAM teachers, stated that the fun part of the camp was the "a-maze-ing" discovery that the kids were capable of creating.

In one of the activities entitled Make it Move her students used matchbox cars and various materials such as balloons, string, pipe cleaners, batteries and rubber bands to get the cars to move without touching them.

Each year the camp uses 21st CCLC funds to fund supplies to help students realize their potential with enriching hands on experiences. This is especially helpful to reach as many students in Morehouse Parish as possible. The camp is free of charge except the theme T-shirt students wear and keep to remember this experience. All grades received experience with some form of robotics on their grade level.

STEAM camp host, teachers and students would like to thank everyone who saw a way to enhance our camp. We had former and current members of our community give back to these students by donating various items such as tablets, coding books, robotics kits and Lego blocks.

This year’s donors are as follow: Chastity Kennedy-Lee, Morehouse Parish School Board Member- District 6, Aundrea Caldwell, Jason Caldwell, LaTonya Hawkins, CURE – Citizens United to Reform and Empower, The Caldwell Educational Foundation, Sabrina Thomas, Maria Davis-Pierre, Chasity Herron, Roshunda Anderson, Angela Adams, Claire Haynes, Felicia Watkins Mansfield, Vanessa Tappin-Lanier, Mayor Henry Cotton, Natasha Perry, James Washington, Angela Payton, Arielle McNeal, Audra Jones-Partee, Robert Johnson Trucking, LLC, Mahogany Gates-Hatfield, Angela Robinson, Robinson-Williams Community Center and Catoree Joseph.

Morehouse Parish staff look forward to next years’ camp and working with current and former community members as we steam through Morehouse Parish School Systems.