A group of high schoolers and some adults from Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas are making an impact in Morehouse Parish.

Megan Loiseau, senior group leader, said this is an APPA Mission trip her church does every year.

"We share the love of Christ by painting and doing repairs to roofs, porches and wheelchair ramps," she said. "There are about 102 youth and 40 adults on this trip. We are working in Bastrop, Mer Rouge and Oak Ridge."

Samuel Hendricks, senior group leader, said there are about 15 houses that will be positively impacted in Morehouse Parish by Christ United Methodist youth group.

"It is called APPA Missions because the missions began in the Appalachian Mountains and APPA is just the shortened version of that."

David Johnson, adult leader, said the church group has been sleeping on cots at Delta High School in Mer Rouge for about a week now.

Johnson said the expenses of the entire trip and supplies were funded solely by the high-schoolers. The youth group have been repairing the roof of a house on Stewart Street and are almost done with it, he said.

"Our youth minister, Stefani Reed-Meyer, and a team comes up with the projects for us to do," he said. "All the supplies were purchased by money raised by the high schoolers through fundraisers. The kids have roofed almost this entire house."