In the summer of 1980, Bastrop Merchants showed appreciation for their customers by holding their third annual Bonus Day sales event.

Every Wednesday from June 8 to Aug. 17 various discounts were offered to customers by participating merchants. Over 20 local merchants participated in these bonus days from clothing stores such as Penney's and Wolff's Exclusive shop, to furniture stores like David Snyder, Inc Furniture and Appliances.

The second Bonus Day sale of the event was held this week on Wednesday, June 15, 1980. There were various good deals available such as a two for five dollar dress sale at Penney's and one dollar women's shirts at Wolff's. The stores advertised their deals in the Enterprise each Tuesday before that week's Bonus Day.

The Bonus Day event was one of Bastrop's biggest promotions at the time and people enjoyed the deals. The sales ads were even mailed to all the parishes surrounding Bastrop and into Ashley County, Arkansas as well.

The Bonus Days event was just one way the merchants of Bastrop showed their thanks for the support from Bastrop's Citizens as well as the citizens from nearby parishes.