Citizens of Bastrop have reached out to the newspaper and on social media concerned that there has been some asphalt stolen in the city.

Director of Public Works Isaac Gray said the rumors of stolen asphalt are untrue, and the city has been working hard to repair the damaged roads around Bastrop.

"No one needs to be reprimanded that I am aware of," he said. "All of the reclaimed asphalt used belonged to the city and we used it to fix city property."

The contract the city of Bastrop has states that the city shall retain ownership of all cold planed asphaltic materials removed, and Gray said they have been removing old asphalt and using it to fill holes anywhere needed in the city. The rap, or reclaimed asphalt, has been put to good use in numerous places that can be seen around Bastrop, he said.

"We fixed holes at the dog pound," he said. "We used it on holes at Carter Park in the batter box for baseball. We used it on bridges and various potholes and curbs around the city."

Gray said the reclaimed asphalt that was stored at the Morehouse Animal Shelter has almost all been used. He also stated that contractors and city employees have access to the rap, but no one has mishandled or misplaced any of it.

Tom Thrower, Morehouse Animal Shelter President, said he is not aware of any stolen asphalt.

"I don't know of anyone stealing any asphalt and I am here all the time," he said. "The city used a lot of the crushed asphalt here at the shelter. They fixed our parking lot and our road. It was great because they did not have to buy gravel."

Bastrop Police Chief Allen Campbell declined to comment on the stolen asphalt rumors and referred the newspaper to the city.

The mayor's office did not comment, however they sent over the contractural agreement stating the rap, or reclaimed asphalt, was city property.

As for now, it seems the missing asphalt is only a rumor that began on social media and got out of hand, Gray said.