A large number of Bastrop's citizens have given their lives in war for the U.S., so in 1990 a memorial was proposed in their memory, and the names to be engraved on it were announced May 28, 1990.

The names to be engraved were of veterans who lost their lives in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The names were published in the Enterprise along with a plea for citizens to aid in completing the list of Korean veterans as they didn't have all of their names at the time. They also encouraged the public to submit any names of soldiers that were omitted from any of the four named wars they may have served in.

The monument was funded by donations. A fundraising drive was held and the Enterprise article also encouraged those who were interested to send in a donation.

The monument was made of black granite marble and featured the engraved names along with a statue of one soldier assisting another encased in the center. The monument was created by local sculptor Billy Morton.

Though the monument would not be completed until January of the next year, the people of Bastrop were pleased to know the names of those who would be listed on it and happy to begin the process of honoring those who had fought for their freedom.