The Snyder Museum will host summer art lessons for young, aspiring artists with instructor Diane Patrick, a retired elementary art teacher.

Classes will involve mixed media, such as acrylics, watercolors and pen and ink. The art created by the students will be hung on the wall at the museum for a week after classes are completed, so others can view and appreciate the artwork.

Students will paint a still life in acrylics, either fruit or a bowl of ice cream, depending on the grade level. They will also draw a peacock or a bird on a branch with pen and ink, and will create a work with watercolors as well.

"All of the students will be given the same directions, but no two artists are the same," she said. "We will be working with different techniques and media. And the best part is that each artist will be honored by having their art displayed on the museum wall."

Participating students will learn a respect for art materials and how to use them in a responsible way, Patrick said. All supplies will be covered by the $45 fee.

Patrick said this is her fourth year to hold lessons at the museum.

Two summer camps will be held. The first camp begins Monday, June 11 and lasts through Friday, June 15, with a morning class for ages 6-8, and an afternoon class for ages 9-12. The second summer art camp will begin June 23-26. To sign up call 281-8760, or stop by the Snyder Museum, 1620 E. Madison Ave.