Valonda Moore-Carter, a respiratory therapist at Morehouse General Hospital, was recently honored as a finalist in the Healthcare Heroes awards at a Banquet held at the Monroe Conference Center on Thursday, April 26.


At the banquet, finalists were provided a meal, enjoyed live entertainment and were honored for their achievements.


Valonda, a Mer Rouge native, graduated from the California College of Health Sciences in 2004 and has been in the healthcare field for 18 years as a respiratory therapist. Early on in her career she found an interest in the field.


“I worked in Dallas as a tech with respiratory therapy and thought it was something I would be good at,” she said.


She has been at Morehouse General for 10 years now in the respiratory therapy department. As the department's Clinical Manager, she is responsible for care for patients with respiratory illnesses, respiratory care in ICU, surgery and the emergency room, department hiring and keeping the department in compliance with the standards. She admits that her job can be challenging at times.


“The day of a surgery is challenging because you never know what is going to roll into the OR,” she said. “Sometimes you may be needed in more than one place and you have to prioritize.”


She enjoys her work though and likes being able to care for others.


“I like helping people,” she said. “I love my job. It's challenging, but its great.”


She is proud to be a finalist in this year's Health Care Heroes award and sees it as a big honor. She said she is happy to have people care about what she does.


“I was very surprised, and it is an awesome feeling,” she said. “I work hard every day and it makes me feel appreciated.”


Morehouse General is very proud to have such hard workers and congratulates its finalists on a job well done.