Three new board members were elected to the Bonne Idee Water Board on Monday evening.

Former members Vice President Ronnie Harper, Treasurer Dianne Lenoir and board member Kevin Herrington were serving as interim members of the board due to other resignations, but were replaced Monday night with Dave Thomas, Jimmy Laing and Randy Kellick.

Attorney Paul Hurd ran the meeting to ensure everything was done legally and without controversy.

Nominees for the first position were Dave Thomas and Dianne Lenoir.

"For the ones that don't know me, I've been here all my life," Thomas said. "I've been involved with this water service for a long time. All I want is good water at a reasonable price and friendly employees when we come in to pay our bill."

"I've been on the Bonne Idee my whole life," Lenoir said. "I came in to fill out someone else's term that left the board, so I've only served on the board for about three months. The time that I've been here, I've seen a lot of things that we've been working on that need to be corrected. I do think I have the background to take care of the business at hand."

Thomas received 135 votes compared to Lenoir who received 24, as voted upon by Mer Rouge residents.

Nominees for the second position were Ronnie Harper and Jimmy Laing.

"I was born and raised right down the road," Laing said. "My father was one of the founding board members. I've lived here most of my life. What I want to do is make sure that the water system is ran in a business-like manner. Just like David said, I want to make sure we have courteous employees in the office and make sure we do everything we can to meet the needs of the people that are on the system, and I appreciate your vote."

"I was born and raised in Bastrop, but have lived out on the Bonne Idee since 2006," Harper said. "I have been on this board for two to three months and I would love to continue to serve."

Laing received 135 votes compared to Harper who received 23, as voted upon by Mer Rouge residents.

Nominees for the third position were Randy Kellick and Tina Harris.

"I've lived here on the Bonne Idee all my life," Kellick said. "I believe with the system we have, we can all have good water and stop having to buy packaged water for personal use. I would just like a chance to see if we can get that done."

"I love the people of Mer Rouge," Harris said. "I will do my very best to make sure to get the quality of water that each and every one of you deserve."

Kellick received 95 votes compared to Harris who received 51, as voted upon by Mer Rouge residents.

Mer Rouge residents then voted to table the other item on the agenda – amendments to board member bylaws – until a future meeting with the newly appointed board members.