The Bastrop City Council adopted a resolution authorizing Mayor Henry Cotton to employ the services of Neblett, Beard and Arsenault LLC for legal services relating to opioid litigation at their monthly meeting on Thursday.

Mayor Henry Cotton said 15,000 Americans' lives were claimed during the Vietnam War, whereas 80,000 lives are claimed per year due to the opioid epidemic.

Neblett, Beard and Arsenault LLC has been working with several municipalities in the state of Louisiana to go after pharmaceutical companies in a lawsuit.

Bastrop City Attorney J. Rodney Pierre said it would not cost the city of Bastrop anything.

"If there is no recovery, there is no obligation," Pierre said. "It's not going to cost the City of Bastrop one red cent."

The council also approved a resolution allowing the Bastrop Fire Department to assume responsibility and liability for inspections conducted by the Bastrop Fire Prevention Bureau.

Bastrop Fire Chief Thomas Crowder said the Bastrop Fire Department is working to obtain accreditation in order to help with some of the inspections in the area.

"These inspections are usually something the state would perform," Crowder said. "The fire department can also inspect locally. We have the same ability."

An amendment of an ordinance relating to inspection and code enforcement was also approved at the meeting for the Bastrop Fire Department.

"The Fire Prevention Bureau partners with Code Enforcement to allow the Bastrop Fire Department to act as backup to enforce codes," Crowder said. "We are asking permission to adopt the latest codes."

The council approved of the amendment to the ordinance.

The council also amended another ordinance regarding the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public property owned or operated by the city to include the Technology and Conference Center, which would hold to the same standards as the Municipal Center. The amendment was approved by the board.

Also at the meeting, the council designated May 10 as the Class of 2008 Alumni Day for their dedication and continuing community service to the City of Bastrop.

The council also thanked constituents for their support in the voting process that renewed the three sales taxes on the April 28 ballot.