The Morehouse Parish School Board has approved several changes that will be implemented in Morehouse Parish Schools beginning next school year.

School zones will change, curriculum will change, maintenance will be done to improve certain schools and fourth graders at Morehouse Junior High will be moved to Henry V. Adams and Pine Grove Elementary.

MPSB Superintendent Hazel Sellers said modifications of parish school zones that will affect 30 students have been approved by the board. Students from HV Adams Elementary and MJH will be routed to Delta Junior High School in Mer Rouge. The following streets are included in the area removed from HV Adams and MJH and annexed to the Delta School Zone:

Mer Rouge Road

Ann Lane

Flowers Road

Celtic Lane

Cutoff Road

Grabault Road

Van Buren Road

Higson Lane

Trevor Drive

Bledsoe Road

Guyton Lane

Slaughter Road

Thibodeaux Road

Sellers said there are two reasons MJH will no longer have fourth grade, and one is the state requires schools to show growth scores.

"HV Adams and Pine Grove had no scores to compare with when it comes to the growth of third grade," she said. "With both third and fourth grades we will be able to measure the growth for those particular students through the Leap 2025 test (formerly the i-Leap)."

Sellers said another reason fourth graders will no longer be placed at MJH is that they are not compatible socially.

"As we have looked at the dynamics of student interaction, the fourth graders are not compatible with the junior high section," she said. "They still need time to grow."

Changes will also be made to the curriculum next school year, in order to meet state requirements, Sellers said.

"The state has guided us to use Tier 1 curriculum, so we made the necessary changes required," she said.

Morehouse Schools have added a higher quality curriculum as dictated by state requirements for ELA (English-Language Arts), Math, Science and Social Studies for Pre-K through fifth grade, Sellers said.

"The same higher quality curriculum will be required changes for grades six through 12, too," she said. "Math has changed from Zearn to Eureka."

Maintenance updates will also be added to the budget, she said.

MPSB Maintenance Supervisor Tony Roberts said Pine Grove Elementary and HV Adams Elementary are at the top of the list to have maintenance updates, but they are not the only schools needing renovations.

Bastrop High School needs a new air conditioning unit in the auditorium, which is a major project, Sellers said.

"It will cost around $100,000 to install and it has been put on hold," she said. "We will be looking at it this summer."

Roberts said part of MJH is very old and is in need of constant repair, and will have to be renovated.

HV Adams is said to be in good shape, but a section of roof shingles needs replacing, and the estimated cost for this project ranges from $70,000 to $80,000.

Roberts said Pine Grove will need a new roof and the estimate given for this project is around $150,000.

Delta Junior High needs a new sewage system and is set to be repaired this summer, with costs at approximately $100,000. The Student Service Center needs a new roof and the estimate on this project is around $120,000, Roberts said.

Sellers said the board has been working on a plan of action for all of these renovations.

With the school board set to be elected in November, and the new superintendent to be voted on in the near future, many changes are ahead for Morehouse Parish.