Bastrop High School offers a course that certifies seniors to go offshore after graduation, and this is their second year for the course.

Mike Sistrunk who teaches the oil and gas production safety technology course, and said it is the second year for the course to be offered.

"Nobody goes to work offshore in the state of Louisiana without this certification," he said. "This helps students to get ahead."

There are requirements to participate in the class, he said. Students must be a senior, and they must be at least 18 years old by the summer.

Sistrunk said he has 21 years of experience in the oil field.

Morehouse Parish School Board Secondary Supervisor Dr. Stacey Pullen said the funds to pay for the class comes from a state career development fund.

"The fund helps to pay for the tuition and supplies," she said. "We have offered this program for two years and are one of the only places around that offer it. The program allows students to be job ready when they graduate."

"Oil companies require these certifications, and the company we work with helps the students find jobs as soon as they get out of school," she said. "One graduating student in the class already has a job lined up in Texas."

Sistrunk said there are currently six students enrolled in the course.

"There are good things going on in Morehouse Parish, even in our school system," he said.