The city of Bastrop met with the National Park Service to propose master plan concepts for Bastrop City Parks.

Mayor Henry Cotton said the city is in the planning stages of the proposed plans, but he believes the plans would make Bastrop a better community as a whole.

"We are developing a comprehensive plan with community input to make our parks more user-friendly and more senior-friendly," he said.

Several upgrades to parks in the area are proposed in the master plans.

The proposed plan for Smith and Wilson Park includes adding a perimeter walking trail loop with hard surfaces and easy grades, a play structures area, a senior pool facility with an expanded pool deck, shade structure and misting stations, bocce ball and shuffleboard courts with shade structures and benches and a senior's exercise station loop. The park would keep the existing baseball field, sidewalks and senior services facilities. The proposed plan also includes transforming the tennis courts into four pickleball courts and shaded benches.

Dotson Park, according to the proposed plan, would add a splash pad to the family pool facility. The addition of a dog park area and disk golf area would also be implemented. The current tennis courts would also be converted to four pickleball courts.

AP Carter Park would add nature walking trails that include bridges and a parking area. Two play structure areas would also be added at opposite ends of the park, and the existing tennis courts would be transformed into two basketball courts and four pickleball courts.

The proposed plan for Ralph George Park would add playground equipment and a shade structure between recreational facilities.

GP Griffin Park would add a practice ballfield, a walking trail loop, a play structures area with a shade structure and a community gardens area with an evergreen tree buffer.

The proposed plan for Martin Luther King Park includes adding a walking trail loop and a play structures area. The existing basketball courts and parking areas would remain untouched.

Welch Park would expand their play structures area and add a proposed shade structure between the play area and the existing basketball court. Shade trees have also been proposed to be added around both of those areas as well.

The biggest proposal of the Bastrop City Park master plan concepts is the creation of a potential central park, to be located north of City Hall. It would include an entry plaza with interactive fountains, a splash pad, sculptures and art, restrooms, concession facilities, play structures, shaded sitting areas and landscape features. A community events area would also be added with an open grass area and pick-up field sports activities. A park perimeter multi-use trail is in the proposed plan, which would include light fixtures. Walkers, bicyclists and rollerbladers would be able to use the trail. An indoor recreation facility and emergency shelter would be added as well, featuring climbing walls, batting cages and court sports. Parkland areas would have native tree plantings, benches and stormwater management. An outdoor amphitheater would be added and would include a stage and seating area as well as a backdrop structure. A fenced off-leash dog park would be added with shaded benches and a drinking fountain. A new parking area would also be added.

Cotton said Bastrop City Parks master plan concepts are proposed plans. The city would like community input to make these parks better for everyone in the city.