For many years now, Bastrop has had issues with the conditions of its roads, and this was the topic of discussion at the Lions Club meeting held on Friday, March 30.

Guest speaker Terry Mathews, President of the Morehouse Police Jury, commented that the roads are the biggest issue the parish is facing.

“I get 30 to 40 calls a week about fixing the parish roads,” Matthews said.

One of the questions people have is where the tax money is going. Matthews explained that the Morehouse Police Jury has not increased the road fund of 5.58 million dollars since 1949. The government of Louisiana gives the city $350,000 for roads as well.

Matthews explained that there are 600 miles of road, 300 of which are concrete and 300 of which are gravel. These roads are expensive to maintain.

“One truck of concrete costs $1,620,” he said.

Several years ago a sales tax specifically for roads was put on the ballot, but it did not get the votes it needed to pass. Matthews stated that if the parish doesn’t get the funds it needs, it will have to take more roads out of the system.

Matthews said that the police jury is doing what it can such as fixing the potholes on Boswell. He told the club that he and Dorothy Ford are trying to form a “Save the Roads” committee to help more, but it is really in the hands of the citizens.

“Our only saving grace for this community is to vote on a sales tax strictly for roads,” Matthews said.