North Monroe Baptist Church at Bastrop hopes to inspire others by cleaning up the community.

Missy Brown said her church's small group called "Salt and Light" has been doing deeds to serve Bastrop every three months, and will be cleaning up the gateways on East Madison this Saturday morning.

"Our church does a thing called 'Serve Bastrop'," she said. "Every community event we do we hashtag it on social media 'Serve Bastrop' (#servebastrop). We have handed out fruit baskets at nursing homes. One time we handed out goodie baskets to local businesses on the square, just to thank them for being there. Another time we had a free car wash."

Brown said her church is community-oriented and hopes to inspire others to be proud of their community too.

"We are hoping it will get other people to want to be involved in their community projects as well," she said. "We are trying to be God's hands and feet in our community."

Anyone interested in this community project is invited to come help. If interested, members will be meeting at 8 a.m. at North Monroe Baptist Church, located at 358 Holt St. to begin the community clean-up project.