Animal rights activists who traveled from as far as Houston and New Mexico gathered at the Morehouse Parish Courthouse on Tuesday morning for the court trial of Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler.

In August 2016, the two men made a graphic SnapChat video that went viral of themselves abusing a horse and a dog, and slashing the dog's throat. The two men were arrested and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and conspiracy to commit aggravated cruelty to animals. The video has elicited a nationwide response of disgust.

The Animal Planet's television series "Pit Bulls & Parolees" were also at the courthouse filming for their show.

One activist said she saw the trial announcement on Facebook and was moved to drive from Houston to stand for animal rights.

"We want to stop animal cruelty," she said. "These men should know better. I heard their trial date will be reset for April and I just want everyone to know that we will be back then to stand for Justice."

'Justice' was the name that was given to the pit bull that Stanley and Sadler filmed themselves killing on SnapChat.