The annual 2018 Youth Ag Day was held Thursday, Feb. 22 at the Morehouse Ag Center. Morehouse Parish youth of all ages gathered to explore on different career choices in agriculture.

Southern University Ag Center agent and event organizer Odis Hill said there is a high demand for youth in agricultural careers.

"There are so many opportunities for students in agriculture," Hill said. "There is a huge demand for Ag majors at universities. The average age of a farmer now is 65 years old. Someone has to replace these farmers, and it has to begin with young people.

"It is a profession that is constantly changing, and as technology is increasing there are even more opportunities available. Technology continues to evolve the way we farm."

LSU Ag Center agent Richard Letlow said Youth Day is a career day for agriculture, and there are many opportunities for careers in Ag locally.

"If kids are interested in science, agriculture is definitely something they should consider going into as a career," Letlow said. "Science is weaved all through agriculture. Our extension agents work in the field, doing experiments and research, and then take their findings to farmers.

"Extension agents conduct tests to increase productions for farmers and to help them be more efficient in Ag operations."

Representatives from the ULM Ag department, Southern University Ag Center and the local technical colleges were at Youth Day to educate and inform students on agriculture and the many career opportunities available in the field.

Local cattle producer Kenneth White was there to speak on "Cattle Production 101," and LSU Ag Center nutritionist Brittany Seay spoke to the students on the importance of healthy eating. Finances and loans were also covered at the meeting by Steven Farrar, USDA Farm Service agent.

The event was sponsored by the Morehouse Black Farmers and Landowners Association.