The Bussey Brake project has been a lengthy and expensive one, but the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department agents are still working diligently to complete it.

LDWF Region 2 biologist Ryan Daniel said the renovations will be worth the wait once completed.

"We are undergoing a big renovation process," Daniel said. "We started renovations in 2013, after we got the property from International Paper."

The 2,200-acre Bussey Brake used to be covered in tree stumps, but many have been cleared.

"We built boat lanes through the lake," he said. "It was covered with stumps. People will be able to safely and easily get around the lake. We also built islands."

Daniel said the lake was completely drained and rid of all undesirable species.

"We started restocking with bass, white perch and brim and will continue to restock until it is filled back up again," he said.

Not only will there be new boat lanes and islands, but engineers have been working to build a new boat dock and boat ramps.

"We also have them designing fishing piers, boat ramps, a wave brake and a boat dock," he said. "The wave brake will help to keep the waves off the boat ramp area."

The project got setback when the old pump broke and must be replaced before the project can be completed.

"We had a setback when the old pump broke, but engineers are working to put a new pump in place," he said. "We will open as soon as we can get enough water to open it. It has been a long process and securing the funding has been work. Hopefully the pumps will run sometime by the end of the year."

Daniels said the water will be pumped from Bayou Bartholomew into the above ground lake area.

"We are limited by the amount of water in Bayou Bartholomew," he said.

Although there are a few uncertainties as to when this project is going to be completed, one thing is for certain, Bussey Brake will be made-over and a site to see once renovations are completed.