A student was arrested after the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office conducted a random search at Bastrop High School on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

According to the police report, Disherra Ridgell, 17, was arrested after she attempted to leave the school in a black Maxima during the K-9 search. Both K-9 dogs were alerted to the vehicle and after Ridgell gave consent for the search, a small amount of marijuana and a 9mm handgun was found in the trunk of the vehicle. Agents received confirmation that the gun found had been reported stolen in May of 2016.

Ridgell reported she did not know anything about the marijuana or the gun. She was arrested and was transported to the Morehouse Parish Jail. She was charged with possession of marijuana in a drug free zone, possession of a firearm in a gun free zone and possession of a stolen firearm.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said there will be more searches in the near future.

"We do these searches a couple times a year routinely and will be searching other schools in the near future," Tubbs said.