Many farmers are still undecided on what they will plant this season due to depressed prices and rain.

Morehouse LSU AgCenter chairman Richard Letlow said there is uncertainty that looms over the decision of what to plant in the 2018 growing season.

"The low crop prices make it hard for farmers to commit to one crop," Letlow said. "We have been having a lot of commodity meetings lately, with good attendance. Farmers are searching for answers on what to plant."

Letlow said the AgCenter recommends planting corn from March 10 to mid-April, soybeans from mid-March to May, cotton from mid-April to mid-May and rice from mid-March to mid-May.

"Historically it is best to try to plant as early as you can," he said. "The quicker you plant, the less chance of bugs."

Letlow said as of now, the best choice crop to plant seems to be soybeans.

"The market is better for soybeans than the other traditional crops," he said. "There is not a commodity out there with a good price right now. The inventory is high, and it is all about supply and demand."

Last year was a good growing season, he said

According to the 2017 Morehouse Parish Agriculture report soybeans had the most acres with 98,378, following corn with 66,621 acres and rice with 20,709 acres.

Letlow said the heavy rain could become a concern if it continues to fall.

"All the rain we are getting now is delaying the putting out of burndown (a chemical) to kill weeds in order to plant," he said. "It has to sit for about four weeks. We have always gotten rain in February though. So as long as it slows down by March it should be alright for farmers."