A teacher has been accused of harshly grabbing a fourth grader by the arm at Morehouse Junior High School, causing him to have a shoulder injury.

According to Morehouse Parish Superintendent Hazel Sellers, this is not entirely true.

Sellers said the incident occurred around Jan. 30 in the cafeteria.

According to Sellers the fifth grade class was coming into the cafeteria as the fourth grade class was leaving at the time of the incident.

"The teacher (a fifth grade math teacher) saw the student misbehaving in some way and grabbed him by the arm and was taking him to the office," Sellers said. "Witnesses said he was fine and was interacting with the other students and running at P.E. and it did not appear that anything was wrong with his shoulder."

Sellers said the parent of the student first filed a complaint with the principal at MJH and his response was "the teacher has been dealt with accordingly."

"We have been following procedure and protocol in this matter," she said. "It was a misjudgment of the teacher, but not a termination offense."

Sellers said the parent also filed an appeal with the Morehouse Parish School Board because she was not satisfied with the result of the complaint filed with the school.

"I sent a certified letter out yesterday stating that the situation has been taken care of according to school board policy," she said.