Beekman Charter's school performance was the topic of discussion Monday, Feb 5, at their first parent night of the year.

The principle and staff wanted to inform parents of this year's school performance score and what they will be doing in the coming year to make the school even better.

Beekman Principle Emily Myrick began the program by discussing the school's progress during the 2016-2017 year. Among other things the school performance score was raised to a B, the school gained SACS accreditation, and they received a grant which aided in their new anti bullying program. She also later discussed the upcoming changes in calculating the schools performance score.

Curriculum Coordinator Debbie Wilson next explained the workings of the performance score and how it has changed through the years.

Goals for the 2017-2018 school year were then explained by Jackie Wilmore. Beekman will be promoting better student engagement with rewards such as a free dress day. They will also be promoting higher test scores with several online programs to aid student understanding of classroom topics.

Parents were reminded of testing dates and information by Heather Doles.

Kayce Waller discussed with parents the online programs available to help students get a better understanding of school subjects and how parents can utilize them to help their children.

Lastly, Donna Edwards discussed how parents can be involved in students education. She talked about how parents should really question their children about what they have learned. She told parents to really have a conversation about what their children learned during the day. She added that if there is something they are really interested in, parents should help them explore it further.