Morehouse Junior High students in the JAG program explored potential careers with a tour of the Bastrop Daily Enterprise on Monday, Jan. 10.

On arrival, the students were greeted by the newspaper staff, who introduced themselves and explained their respective roles at the paper. The students learned about the importance of each role such as those in reporting and advertising.

General Manager, Angee Norman, explained the workings of circulation from printing the paper to getting it sent out. She explained how the Enterprise communicates back and forth with the company in Pine Bluff that prints the paper.

The students were then treated to a tour of some old imaging equipment and the printing press. Norman described the workings of the press.

The tour was ended with a chance for the students to ask questions. They asked about deadlines, the number of papers printed, and other aspects of the paper. When asked, several expressed an interest in having a future career at the Enterprise. Norman was very pleased to hear this.

“I look forward to seeing some of you in a few years,” she told the students.

The students enjoyed the tour and had fun exploring the workings of the paper. It is the hope of the JAG teachers and the Enterprise staff that the tour might have sparked an interest in journalism for at least some of the students and helped them in their decisions about future careers.