The Northeast Louisiana Black History Film Festival returns for its 3rd year of cinematic awesomeness, February 19-20, 2021 from 6pm to 9pm, and February 21, 2021 from 3pm to 6pm at the Bastrop Municipal Center, 1901 Moeller Drive. This festival is produced and promoted by CURE, Cultivating Unchained Royalty to Excel, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Bastrop, Louisiana.

   Our previous film festivals have been a great success, drawing almost 100 people to the 3-day event! Guest were welcomed on opening night with popcorn and drinks and treated with dinner and movie on the 2nd and 3rd nights. Our film festivals feature profound empowerment discussions that stimulate powerful dialogue with parents, children and other citizens about the progress of African descendants in America, and the critical issues that continue to prevent the implementation of a successful empowerment agenda for African Americans on a mass scale.

   CURE created the Black History Film Festival as a human rights initiative for the City of Bastrop and Morehouse Parish to spark substantial dialogue between different ethnic groups concerning race, cultural respect, education, freedom, justice, human rights, community development and socio-economic inequities, and to increase cultural tourism to our area.  

   Our 3rd film festival begins Friday, February 19, with the award-winning film,

‘Just Mercy’, which is based on a true story of simmering racial injustice. On Saturday, February 20, we will feature ‘Queen of Katwe’, another inspiring true story of a young girl living in poverty becoming a chess champion who hopes her success will lead her and her family to a better life. On Sunday, the last day of our film festival, we will close with an epic twist. What is that epic twist?

   Instead of featuring a 3rd movie on the last day, we decided to feature a Black History presentation by local Historian Leela Scott White. Ms. Scott White has a vast knowledge of historical events, a plethora of artifacts, books, etc., and a lot of historical information on Bastrop-Morehouse Parish and Northeast Louisiana, so please join us on Sunday, February 21st for the final day of our festival.  

   CURE takes pride in developing and implementing visionary empowerment solutions that will improve the ‘quality of life’ standard for under-served grassroots communities in Bastrop-Morehouse Parish, and will inspire all citizens to embrace positive and progressive change for all humanity.