The city of Bastrop, in order to maintain the safety of its residents, has made the difficult decision to cancel youth sports for the summer and fall of 2020.

   According to Dixie Youth Baseball Organization president Chad Yeldell, “After discussing with the Mayor and Jesse at Parks and Recreation. I unfortunately must announce that the city has made the decision to cancel all youth sports for the summer and fall. We as a board hate that it has come to this, but due to the circumstances and health concerns we have no choice. I can assure people the board wanted a season as much or more than anyone else did. We live and breathe the game!” He stated of refunds, “We don’t control our signups so all refunds will have to go through the parks and recreation office.”

   Yeldell did note that some good may come of the cancelation. “Hopefully some good will come of this. The Mayor said that with the down time they plan to work hard on the fields to improve the condition of the fields, drainage, and grass, so even though we have lost a season, hopefully we will come back to much improved facilities.”

   Locals are disappointed but look forward to being able to play again. One commented, “We’ll just have to do our best to come back bigger and better next year.”

   Yeldell said that to receive a refund, participants can call Bastrop City Hall at (318) 283-3305, and they will be sent a check through the mail.