Late Wednesday afternoon, some area residents noticed a load of wood pellets being transported out of Morehouse on the old Union Pacific line that dissects Bastrop and connects Morehouse BioEnergy, the Drax facility, to the main UP line.

Gavin Black, plant manager, confirmed to Kay King, President and CEO of the Morehouse Economic Development Corporation, that 45 rail cars traveled from the plant site near Beekman toward the port of Baton Rouge Wednesday afternoon, and that this was the first rail shipment for the facility.

While this shipment marks the first from Morehouse, April 7 marked the date for the sailing of the first vessel from the Drax Biomass Baton Rouge port facilities to the Port of Tyne on the East Coast of the United Kingdom.

According to Biomass Magazine, Drax spent approximately 15 months constructing the facilities at the port to handle the shipment of pellets from Drax's two 450,000 metric-ton-per-year plants — Morehouse BioEnergy and a second plant, Amite BioEnergy, in Gloster, Mississippi.