As a great example that anyone really can make a difference even if they're not out of high school yet, Bastrop High School senior Andrew Watson was recognized Thursday by Keep Morehouse Beautiful for the recycling program he created at his school.

Terri Foster, a representative of Keep Morehouse Beautiful, came by the high school to present Watson with a certificate honoring his efforts.

"We're into cleaning up Morehouse Parish and recycling is great," Foster said. "We love to see people taking care of God's beautiful earth."

Bastrop High Principal Dr. David Nordman said he feels that its not the type of program that matters but that his students are getting involved in something positive.

"It's more important [for them] to get involved in our community, whether its recycling or peer tutorial, Nordman said.

Nordman said the school plans to continue the program even after Watson graduates.

"We have an agreement with Marck Industries in Monroe," Nordman said. "So the plan is to keep going with it."

Keep Morehouse Beautiful is a local program made up of volunteers that works in the interest of the environment and economic development to create and promote pride in Morehouse Parish. The organizations projects include Bayou Bartholomew cleanups, free dumpsters, litter and illegal dumpsite cleanups, the main corridor demolition program, main corridor cleanups, Municipal Park renovations, tire recycling and "thumbs-up" awards.

For any questions regarding Keep Morehouse Beautiful or their work in the community, call them at 282.2985.