The Morehouse Parish Police Jury voted to reappoint Jerry White, Pete Blakeney and Marshall Stephens for five-year terms to the Bayou Bonne Idee Gravity Drainage Board Monday night at it's regular board meeting.

Frederick Oden asked to address the board regarding his driveway on the Cornbread Road being used as a turn-around for the garbage trucks and causing damage. Jury members Mark Sistrunk and Floyd Tomboli along with Gene Montgomery said they would meet with Oden at his property and decide a course of action.

The removal of Jack Morgan Road from the Parish Maintenance System was discussed and, due to the road being gravel with only one drive-way, a motion was made to remove it.

"We need to look and see if there are any more roads like this one that we can take off our records," Jack Cockrell said. "There has got to be a lot of them in similar situations."

The motion was seconded and passed without opposition.

Jury President Terry Matthews presented an amendment to Ordinance No. 1308 - Implementing a Burn Ban. The amendment currently reads that the Police Jury President can implement a burn ban if there is a Fire Danger Rating of Highest Level. The amendment changes the requirement of the level to a Fire Danger Rating of High and adds that a ban can also be put into place upon the notification from the Fire Chief of District 2. This change also carried.

Occupational and Liquor licenses were granted to 1st Choice Bail Bonds (renewal), Nebraska Book Company, Inc. (new), Spence Enterprises of Morehouse, LLC (new) and Sprig Designs (new).

A resolution of support for passenger rail service in North Louisiana was approved and the agenda was amended to discuss/take action regarding the $1 the Jury's receptionist was receiving from the Solid Waste Department to compensate her salary while taking care of Solid Waste contracts.

As the Department has now hired a secretary, Juror Jason Crockett made a motion to rescind the pay. This motion carried with Juror Harry Reese voting against and Isaac Gray abstaining.