For those who “Love that Chicken from Popeye's,” a brand new, updated version will soon be opening.

Construction has started next to Popeye's for their new building which will replace the one that is there now. Assistant Manager Marquica Chambers said the reason for the rebuild is that Popeye's is re-imaging all of its stores. She said the new store will have several updates including a spice rack, self-serve drink stand, two bathrooms with two stalls, pictures on the walls and new lighting.

“It will be more of a sit down and eat type restaurant environment,” Chambers said. “I know everyone will love it.”

“It's going to be like ones you see in Baton Rouge and New Orleans,” General Manager Evelyne Dukes said. “We're looking forward to it bringing us new customers and a new atmosphere.”

The contractor handling the project is experienced in this type of construction. General Contractor Darrell Griffin said he is one of two approved contractors for Popeye's. His company has built about 600 Popeye's, and done a lot of the re-imaging. He said he has been building restaurants for 55 years and in 30 states.

Once the new building is finished, they will tear down the old Popeye's building and that space will be used for a parking lot. They are scheduled to finish construction around late July and their projected date for the new building opening is the second week of August.