Women in Morehouse Parish now have another option when it comes to having an obstetrician and gynecologist. Not only does Dr. Curtis Sanders offer these services with an attitude of quality care, he is a native of Morehouse, giving him an added facet to knowing the needs of the area.
Dr. Sanders grew up in Bastrop and Mer Rouge, graduating from Delta High School in 1987. He continued his schooling at Southern University, where he earned a degree in biology. From there, Sanders went to the University of Kansas for medical school and his residency in Shreveport before working at LSU Medical Center in Monroe for 12 years in the ob department.
Word got to Morehouse General Hospital about Sanders and his roots in Morehouse Parish and he was called to come take a look around.

"I always had an interest in coming back home to practice medicine," Sanders said. "When the hospital called me, I knew it was a perfect fit."

Initially, Sanders was studying to be an urologist rather than an ob/gyn, until fate intervened.

"I had to deliver a baby and the experience I had doing that and with the parents, I knew immediately that's wanted I wanted to do," Sanders continued.

Morehouse General is a hub for health care in the region and according to Deborah Beaver, Director of Marketing and Physician Relations for MGH, the hospital is committed to bringing quality services for women and children in Morehouse and throughout the region.

"We have patients who are coming from outlying areas to receive treatment and one of the most needed services is for women and children," Beaver said. "Dr. Sanders is a great asset to the medical community and his office is equipped with all the modern technology needed in order to treat moms-to-be as well as women in general."

Sanders has goals of making his practice a center point for OB care and wants future patients to be aware his philosophy regarding treatment.

"I want everyone to feel as if they can come to this office and receive the best possible care," Sanders said. "It is important to me that we are known for very, very high ob care that is personalized to each individual," Sanders said.

Moms-to-be using Dr. Sanders should also feel extremely comfortable when they deliver their new additions, as well. The Morehouse General labor and delivery wing provides that comfort with a great deal of care and experience.

The wing, which has four rooms for moms to labor and deliver without having to move from one room to another and four rooms for the moms to rest postpartum. The nursery is in the process of being upgraded to handle babies who in the past have had to be transferred to a different hospital due to illness.

The present nursery is able to provide care to healthy babies born close to their due dates. It provides routine medical care, including assessment and state-mandated newborn screening.

The upgrade to the nursery means that care can be provided for babies born around 32 weeks gestational age or greater and for full-term babies who need close monitoring or IV antibiotics after birth. Special care nurseries can treat babies with some health problems of prematurity, such as jaundice and trouble eating or staying warm.

At present, the nursery can hold up to 15 babies at a time. Recently is was almost full with just three moms delivering a set of triplets and two sets of twins, all on the same day.

The labor department also has all of the latest technology available to monitor patients.