The Rose Youtheatre will present “Taming the Wild, Wild West in a Dress,” at 7 p.m. March 8 and 9 and at 2 p.m. March 10.
The play is about a young man, Clarence Rawlins, played by Bastrop High School student and Youtheatre veteran Josh Womack, who manages to be a hero while wearing a dress. Rawlins and his theatre company head west to Lucky Lady, Nev., where he discovers that he has misread his distant aunt's handwritten will.

Thinking he was inheriting a profitable saloon where his acting career might flourish, he was actually bequeathed the Lucky Lady Salon, a beauty parlor. Flat broke, Rawlins has no choice but to raid the costume trunk and transform himself into a down-on-her-luck British aristocrat, Lady Claire Rawl, now head hairstylist of the small town's only salon.His pal and fellow actor, Roger Gaines, played by Peyton Churchwell, becomes a French stylist, Rogaine. Together with the ladies in the troupe-Heidi Gray (Brittany Little), Bobbie Pinz (Carley Hayman) and Nell Clipper (Laura Patrick)-they reopen the beauty salon to great success. But their good luck runs out when, unbeknownst to them, two crooks plot to acquire Rawlin's salon as part of a scheme to rob the bank next door.

Other members of the cast are Melody Plunkett, played by Cortney Lara; Colt Revolver Jr., played by Caleb McGurk; Jessica James, played by Anne Marie Ogden; Barbara Seville, played by Hiliary Irby; Carrie O'Key, played by Caitlyn Petrus; Eileen Dover, played by Katy Smith; Phillip Glass, played by Maurice Shorter; Will Reader, played by Trey McCollough; Smitty Black, played by Haley Priestley; Bob Burr, played by Jacob Buckley; Bill Holder, played by K D Raburn; R. I. Peay, played by David Denton; Levy Fines, played by Sean Sanford; Rhoda Steed, played by Rachael Lara; Russell Grubb, played by Derek Holt and Sadie Blessing, played by Christy Clay.

For ticket information, call the theatre's boxoffice at 281.0911 or go the Visitor Center located at 124 N. Washington, March 4 – 8.