The City of Bastrop's mayor's race is rapidly approaching and candidates for the race are gearing up to tell why they believe they are the best representative for the people of Bastrop. Of the eight qualifiers, Allen B. Toliver has already been sued due to not meeting qualifications and three have been sued for failure to pay notes or judgements.

While a civil suit may not be indicative of a person, for someone running for the top job of a city, not paying mortgages and loans is something in which to study.

Public records indicate that candidate Ricky A. Anderson was sued in 1999 for failure to pay notes owed to the Orleans Parish Federal Credit Union. He was also sued in 1998 for failure to pay notes on a mortgage. When contacted, Anderson admitted to the suits but is not concerned about any reflection on his ability to run the city.

“Those suits are in the past and do not have anything to do with my candidacy,” Anderson said. “My financial status at this time is very stable and I am moving on.”

Troy L. Downs was sued by State Farm Insurance in 1996 for damages their client received in a wreck at which Downs was found at fault. Downs has not answered any correspondences made by the Bastrop Daily Enterprise.

Henry Cotton has been sued by numerous institutions and citizens for failure to pay loans and taxes.

Cotton is aware of problems in the past, mostly dealing with one of his former businesses, KTRY Radio Station.

“We had, like most independent, privately owed businesses, cash flow problems, but any monies owed have been repaid long ago, to my knowledge,” Cotton said. “I have and continue to meet all of my obligations and responsibilities. Some of those suits were unfounded.”

In Wednesday's paper, each candidate will have the opportunity to explain why they feel they are the best candidate for the position of mayor. Those running are incumbent Betty Alford-Olive, Ricky Anderson, Henry Cotton, Troy L. Downs, Samuel M. Jackson, Arthur E. Jones, James M. Murphy and Allen B. Tolliver.