About Derek Price:

Nickname: 'Mooj.'

Hobby: Playing video games.

Favorite video game: NBA 2K13.

Favorite sports memory: My freshman year, beating Lake Providence in Bastrop to earn our first trip to the playoffs.

Most embarrassing sports memory: When I was trying to take a charge and De'La Mayers from Oak Grove jumped over my head and dunked. That was my eighth grade year, though.

Funniest sports memory: When Brandon (Douglas) went up to dunk in a summer league game and the ball got hung up between the glass and the rim.

Best player I have played against: Cedric Jenkins from Riverside. He plays for Southern Mississippi now.

Favorite place to play on the road: Caldwell.

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant.

Favorite team: Baltimore Ravens.

Sporting event I would most like to attend: The Summer Olympics.

Favorite class: Financial math with Ms. (Tracy) Risser.

Favorite movie: 'Space Jam.'

Favorite musical artist: Lil Boosie.

Favorite meal: Pork chops, rice & gravy and sweet potatoes.

If I could buy any vehicle I wanted, it would be: An Audi coupe.

One possession I couldn't live without: My cell phone.

Career ambition: I plan on going into the Air Force.