Yesterday marked the first day for hopeful candidates to sign up to qualify in the upcoming city mayoral and aldermen election.

Currently, two qualified for mayoral candidacy and with qualifying ending on Friday there may be more to come.

Incumbent Betty Alford-Olive, Democrat, and chaplain at the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office Samuel M. Jackson, Republican, have already qualified for the Apr. 6 mayoral election.

Both candidates issued brief statements regarding their personal visions, accomplishments or ideals that pertain to the future of Bastrop.

Alford-Olive said she is looking forward to sharing some accomplishments made during her administration.

“We have successfully trimmed $1.4 million from the budget,” Alford-Olive said. “The visible difference can be seen inside and outside City Hall and throughout the city. We have done a lot and are extremely proud of our people, citizens and employees. This has been one of the highest honors of my career and I look forward to continuing the progress.”

Jackson said he sees a “new direction” for Bastrop that will begin with cleaning up the streets, both literally and metaphorically, as well as bringing a public transportation system to Bastrop.

“In order for us to grow and for the people to seek employment, we must have a public transportation system,” Jackson said. “Many of our people are trapped inside Bastrop with no method of transportation. But first, we need to tackle the drug and alcohol problem. Drug addiction is a big problem in Bastrop that needs to be addressed.”

Additional to the municipal primary, a two percent tax has been proposed in the Village of Mer Rouge and will be voted upon on Apr. 6.

Early voting will begin on Mar. 23 and last through Mar. 30.

For information or to register to vote, contact the Morehouse Registrar of Voters at 281.2434.