"The Delta Queen Cookbook" by Cynthia LeJune Nobles opens with a catchy song written by Rich Campbell and recorded by Cadillac Moon. Things important to this book are mentioned: a paddle wheeler cruising the Mississippi River, red beans & rice to jambalaya, a good band, Creole maids and steamboat pilots.

Captain Clarke Hawley pens a concise forward of the development of fine dining on steamboats, an interesting couple of pages before getting into Cynthia's work.

The Delta Queen, a luxury hotel on water, made its way up and down America's inland waters from 1927 through 2008. An eight page introduction covers traveling by boat, descriptions of different boats, and reminding today's tourists that fresh food meant "on the hoof" to be butchered (or milked) and eaten as needed.

Fourteen chapters cover a variety of topics, each chapter ending with several recipes of dishes served on the Delta Queen. This is a good read even if you don't cook. Ms.Nobles entertains as well as captures a slice of history that appeals to many of us.

If you like boudin, this is the book for you. "Boudin:A Guide to Louisiana's Extraordinary Link," written by Robert Carriker, leads the reader to twenty-seven locations throughout south Louisiana that are known for their boudin. Can't say that Babineaux's Slaughter House appeals to my senses as a place to try any type food, but if you are in the Breaux Bridge area you might want to try them out. Charlie T's of Breaux Bridge would get my business. Jerry Lee's Cajun Foodsof Baton Rouge or Juneau's Cajun Meats in Marksville can "meat" your boudin cravings if you're in the area.

Tiny Prudhomme, great nephew of Paul Prudhomme, has his business in Broussard, just south of Lafayette. His place isn't open on weekends so make plans accordingly to check out his House of Meats. Heading west to Lake Charles, you might want to try the smokey links of Sonnier's Sausage and Boudin. Sonnier guards his recipe, but Carriker's description make you want a sample.

Mr. Carriker has written an entertaining reference book for the foody traveler. Information, history, and comics are scattered throughout the book just as spices are blended in the boudin.