STERLINGTON - Curtis Williams, a 28-year-old fugitive from Iowa with a $500,000 bond, was arrested by the Sterlington Police Department on Tuesday evening.

Barry Bonner, Sterlington police chief, said he received an anonymous call pertaining to Williams' whereabouts

"I gathered the HEAT (Highway Enforcement Apprehension Team), a team of three of our finest officers, to perform the capture," Bonner said.

The HEAT, a team of three Sterlington police officers (Matt Schulte, Daniel Smith and David Elahi), made the arrest at a house on Davis Street in Sterlington.

There they found Williams crouched in the bathroom closet, where he was arrested without incident.

Bonner said, "The charges against him will most likely be increased from first degree kidnapping to attempted murder, but that's just my opinion."

According to The Gazette, a newspaper in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Williams was involved in the assault of Allen M. Denni, 29, in November 2012.

Bonner said Williams kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, Denni, and took him to a deserted and extremely cold part of the woods in West Union, Iowa.

Bonner said he was told that Williams then stripped Denni naked and beat him nearly to death. Bonner said somehow Denni managed to make it to Iowa authorities, and is currently receiving treatment for a busted spleen and other injuries in a local hospital there.

Bonner said Willliams escaped to Sterlington where he was found hiding. Williams is currently being detained at the Ouachita Correctional Center for transportation from the West Union, Iowa, authorities.