Overton looks fondly at academy graduation

What inspired you to work in this field?
I was influenced by a close friend of the family, John Shively, who also happens to be the chief of police in Hodge, La.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job and why?
The most challenging thing would be dealing with such a wide variety of people. Every person and every situation are different.

What is a memorable moment and why?
My most memorable moment was my police academy graduation. I worked really hard to get to the academy and I appreciate the sheriff's office for allowing me the opportunity to go.

Age: 29
Experience: I've been with the department for four years. I began at the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office working in the jail.
Hometown: Mer Rouge
Education: I received my GED and welding diploma from Louisiana Technical College in Bastrop. I attended the North Delta Regional Training Academy for Corrections, class #114 and I attended the St. Charles Parish Police Academy, class # 2011-17.
Family: I was married on Nov. 10, 2012, to my wife, Angela.