Bastrop Senior Q & A

Cornerback Zedarrion Ridgell, running back Desi Holmes and offensive linemen Chancelor Johnson and Christopher Goldsby officially began their senior seasons Tuesday as Bastrop High opened preseason drills.

The four seniors shared their thoughts on the upcoming season following the evening practice session.

BDE: What was the most fun part of your summer?

Zedarrion Ridgell: I went to Altitudes, the new place in West Monroe. They have a lot of jumpers, and I played dodgeball and sticks and ladders.

Desi Holmes: I went to the water park in Flint, Texas.

Chancelor Johnson: I went to Branson (Missouri), and went to Silver Dollar City. Riding the big roller coasters was my favorite part.

Christopher Goldsby: I went to the Southern camp. It was fun to go up against different people and different opponents.


BDE: What is the biggest improvement we can expect to see in your individual game this year?

Ridgell: I expect to do a better job on coverage and to have more interceptions this year.

Holmes: I expect more yards and more touchdowns, and I expect to be a better leader. I'm going to be a big leader this year.

Johnson: My blocking. I've been working on my footwork all summer.

Goldsby: I've spent a lot of time on zone blocking this summer.


BDE: Which teammate is going to be the biggest surprise this season?

Ridgell: (Quaterious) Hawkins, the quarterback. He's had all summer to develop, and he's running more than he did last year.

Holmes: Phillip Jackson because he's bigger, stronger andhis coverage is better.

Johnson: Noray Robinson. He's enthusiastic about the offensive line, and makes us believe in ourselves.

Goldsby: "Big Body," Calvert Johnson and Antonio Blanch.

Big Body, last year, dropped a few balls here and there. He was good, but needed more focus. He's been catching the ball better this year, especially at the Southern camp.

T.J. (Blanch) played defensive end and linebacker last year. I would like to see him more at linebacker this year.


BDE: Which game are you most looking forward to?

Ridgell: Neville, Senior Night. This is our last year, so we have to beat them.

Holmes: Neville because it's our last chance to come out with a win against them.

Johnson: Neville. We've never beat them, so this year we have to be ready.

Goldsby: Neville because I just don't like them, plain and simple. But, they are going to be great competition, as usual. Somebody has to beat them, and we have to be the ones. I think we are actually going to do something this year.