Prairie View Senior Q & A

Prairie View began its second official week of practice Monday evening.

A quartet of seniors — wide receiver/safety Tanner Caldwell, tight end/linebacker Blake Ray, left guard/defensive end Cole Kinnaird and right tackle, cornerback Austin Harper — shared their thoughts on the upcoming season after Monday's practice.

BDE: What was the most fun part of your summer?

Tanner Caldwell: Fishing. Me and Layton Rainbolt went to the National Tournament (and placed 52nd out of 325 boats). I thought we were going to do a little better, but it was still a lot of fun.

Blake Ray: Going to the beach at Fort Walton, Florida, with my family.

Cole Kinnaird: Going to the beat at Perdido Keys, Florida.

Austin Harper: Working with our cows, and running them through the chute. We have about 30 cows and just about any other animal you can have.


BDE: What is the biggest improvement we can expect to see in your individual game this year?

Caldwell: I know the game better, which should help me get into position to make more plays.

Ray: I've gotten more aggressive. I don't have to think about what I am doing so much anymore. I can just go out there and do what I have to do.

Kinnaird: I've gotten strong since last year, so I can hit harder than in previous years.

Harper: I've gotten faster. Last year, I was pretty slow. I've had a growth spurt. I went from 5-9, 135 to 6-0, 150, and the added speed came along with it.


BDE: Which teammate is going to be the biggest surprise this season?

Caldwell: Caleb Tanksley. He's learned the game better, and gotten more aggressive.

Ray: Caleb Christmas. We didn't have a center, and he has stepped up and done his part.

Kinnaird: Austin Harper because he's gotten so much faster.

Harper: Mason King. He's more confidence and he hits harder than he did last year.


BDE: Which game are you most looking forward to?

Caldwell: River Oaks. I just don't like them.

Ray: WCCA because I want to get revenge from last year.

Kinnaird: River Oaks because they're our rivals.

Harper: River Oaks because I play for Prairie View, and that's the team we always want to beat the most.