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By Jerrie Williams

Jerrie Williams is a blogger on the Beauregard Daily News website. The name of her blog is C.O.P.E. Community Organized Parents in Education. This blog is syndicated statewide to all GateHouse websites. She will not only be blogging about local education concerns, but information about resources for parental research on different subjects concerning children and their well being. Jerrie Williams is the mother of three autistic children. Her journey began in 1999, when she discovered that her children were not developing according to the national mind stone charts. This was after they had received immunizations and developed reactions to them. She later learned the immunizations contained an agent that her children were allergic to, which led to their developmental delays. She moved her children to Georgia to be treated by a specialist in autism and brain injury in 2000. Since then she has been searching and discovering several research-based interventions and resources to educate, support and assist in the recovery of autism. She moved to Louisiana in August, 2011, and has been involved in educating the community about autism and the resources available to parents of autistic children as well as adults with autism. She has been instrumental in helping the Beauregard Parish school system to design an individualized curriculum that was suited for the educational needs of her children as well as other special needs children. Her children have since blossomed with this curriculum and continue to thrive. She will continue in her journey as a mother and an advocate for others.

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