The JAG students of Morehouse Junior High and Bastrop High are doing what they can to help the community, and they recently aided Bastrop with their Adopt a School book bag giveaway at H. V. Adams on Tuesday, August 14.

The JAG students came up with this project together after being inspired by a fellow JAG group who did the same thing in their area. All 500 students at H. V. Adams were given book bags which included a folder, pencil, germ x and kleenex.

The Jag students fundraised money to purchase the book bags and folders. This year's program was the first, and the JAG students plan to adopt a new school to support each year and do other community outreach.

“We hope to do more things in the community,” said JAG teacher Stephanie Caldwell.

Several sponsors contributed to the success of the Adopt a School Program including Melverna Donald Chapter 61, Coach Anthony Girlando, Origin Bank, Bancorp South, Region Bank, First United Methodist Church, and Trinity Book Club.

The giveaway event began with a prayer as well as an explanation of the JAG program. Sponsors who donated were recognized and principal of H. V. Adams, Wendy Coleman, said a few words of thanks. Secondary Curriculum Supervisor Dr. Stacy Pullen also made some comments on the hard work of the JAG students.

“These students worked really hard and decided to adopt H. V. Adams to help the students here,” she said.

Dr. Pullen is proud of the JAG students and thinks all of Morehouse's students have the potential to do well and are deserving of support like that given by the JAG students.

“Our kids are good kids, smart kids, capable of doing anything and they need all the support we can give them,” she said.

Principal Coleman was glad for the JAG students' act of kindness and the JAG students hope to contribute even more to the community in the future.